Identifiers used in a programming language are as significant as a name for a person. Identifiers are the sequence of characters (or symbols) that are used to uniquely identify and represent the programming entities such as variables, types, labels, functions etc.

For example,

int x = 5;

Here, x is…

Distribution of Fog services in an IoT network

IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the growing technologies that influence most of the domains including agriculture, healthcare, astrology, manufacturing, architecture, transportation, water management etc. It is a modern paradigm based on machine to machine communication between unintelligent and smart devices in a system such as sensors,actuators etc. …


This blog mainly focuses on the Siddhi IO extension which provides Siddhi the metrics handling support for Prometheus monitoring system. The extension enables user the collection and manipulation of multi-dimensional data in a dynamic service-oriented environment along with the complex event processing and data streaming provided by Siddhi.

siddhi-IO-prometheus comprises…

Hinduja Balasubramaniyam

Software Engineer at WSO2 , BSc.(Hons.) in Information Technology, University of Moratuwa.

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